Gardenia Maia

For the past 15 years, I have worked internationally for art companies, artists and creative projects mainly in the fields of theater and music production. I recently ended a five-year residency with an arts institution in Bahia where I was in constant contact with people from all over the world who came to Bahia to create and produce their work. I noticed that they were all in need of the same thing when it came to traveling and their projects: information, assistance and connections in the region. When you travel by yourself, it’s hard to find a local support structure. Away from their familiar environment and unable to speak the language, it was a crazy challenge for them to try and set up everything they needed on their own. As a result, they were distracted from focusing 100% on their work.
So it became clear that I could provide this invaluable service—that of a Personal Artistic Residency Designer (a personal guide for independent artists)—and offer visiting freelancers good services so that they can free their mind for their work. My job is to handle all of the important arrangements for traveling artists so they can have an easier, safer and more enjoyable experience when working abroad. With all of these tools in hand, I take care of all of the details so there is NO STRESS.


Producer of Art and Culture:

I am a Personal Artistic Residency Designer with production experience in theater, music, fine arts, video and film. My services are provided in any of these areas and are available in Bahia, Brazil and elsewhere.



I have traveled to 18 countries, lived in Spain, and worked in France and Asia. I recently lived in the United States where I studied film, perfected my English, and engaged in other studies.


Language Skills:

I speak English and Spanish fluently - of cause Portuguese as well.


Professional Life:

I started as a tour guide, became a travel agent, worked for an airline company, a surgical plant and a maritime company. I also launched my own businesses, including a restaurant and bar, a dance club, and a leather store in the Shopping Iguatemi Mall in Bahia. I also did costume design for several national theater and musical artists. For more than ten years, I directed the music, theater and video sectors of GM Productions, a company that produces arts and cultural events.


Profile as a Local Producer:

I have worked with various art and production companies, with live music shows, and in-studio productions. I have worked in Salvador as well as other Brazilian cities in venues such as Teatro Castro Alves (The Castro Alves Theater), Teatro ACBEU, Teatro Deplomata, and the Teatro Jorge Amado. At the Teatro Castro Alves, I worked on their main stage, and in the other theaters I was involved in several different projects working alongside some of the most renowned international artists and directors of our time.


Additional Information:

For the past five years, I was working with an international institution for artists in residence. I assisted artists with their arrival in Brazil and their workflow on all levels. I have also worked in program coordination, exhibition co-management, and event management to showcase the artist’s work. I also serve as a liaison between the visiting artists and the local community by bringing them together with local artists and institutions.