Cecile Bouchier

About me and this place: “The Compound” – the BCN wild west location:

I am of Dutch descent and lived from the mid 80’s to mid 90’s in Berlin, I work in the theater and film as a designer / scenic artist and technician. What I like about my work is the teamwork, solving problems and make thing work in any given situation.

The coincidences in life brought me via New York to the High Desert in California.
Besides teaching for 6 years in the Integrated Media department of CalArts, I started to bring in people up to The Compound and producing a variety of projects.
Planning, designing, building and cooking are the ingredients of the ‘stew’.

The idea of making The Compound into a BCN location was a natural development.

In the last 6 years, a large range of artists have worked here on a variety of innovative and strange projects in large and small scales.

I will mention a few these projects to show the wide variety of possibilities The Compound can offer:
With workshops in full use we built for instance, a mechanical two headed dog (Zaven Pare) A frog leg propelled Flyer (Joe Davis MIT / father of bio-art). We have built here large musical instruments which demonstrated the physics of musical overtones – Bruce Odland for the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville.
Mary Heilanan painted a huge balloon for Disney. We hosted conferences and built an interactive sensor floor for Mindfiled Experiment in Chicago.
Workstations for the Field Museum of Natural History have been built here. Toni Dove perfecting her interactive video performance equipment - it travels much better now- I hosted a grand dinner for a presentation by Erich Poettschacher about Shapeshifters etc.

But also much quieter activities took place: Daniel Zeitler from Berlin worked on her cookbook for children (no text- just pictograms)

The Compound works at best for someone who would like to spent time to focus on their own work and the own person. It’s a perfect place for artists in residence. – For us an “artist” is someone who’s creative in his work! It could be an architect, web-designers, painter, programmer, engineer, musician, composer, filmmaker or copywriter, ...

I guess you get the idea of what The Compound can do. And maybe The Compound can work for you as well. The Compound always welcomes new initiatives.



Faculty at California Institute of the Arts : at the Centre for Integrated Media and at the Theatre School. Coordination of workshops for the students with Zaven Pare (theater/puppetry) and Joe Davis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Stage management for as well the CEIAT Festival (Center for experiments in Arts and Technology) and the annual Integrated Media Exhibitions.


Scenic Art:

I worked on a dozen movies and commercials in and outside New York, and I painted many backdrops and sets for Opera and Theatre in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

I am a member of Scenic Artists and Designers Union.



Opera Haus Saarbruecken
Romeo and Julia, music by Prokofiev
Chorr. Marguerite Donlon
Lights: Fred Pommerehn, costume: Markus Maas
Premiere Jan. 2007 - on repertoire

Theater National du Luxembourg
Set, costume and light design for
Beckett: Act without words / Music and Words
Choreography and direction: Marguerite Donlon
Premiere march 2006

Theater Die Alte Feuerwache Saarbruecken
Set design for: 'Die Schachtel', music by Evangelista
Tanz mir das Lied vom Tod'. Chorr. Marguerite Donlon

Residenz Theater, Munich
'Das Rad des Gluecks' from Werner Fritsch
Light design. Premiere: 2005.

Staats Oper Unter den Linden, Berlin
Staatliche Balletschule Berlin: 'Die Roten Schuhe'.
Choreography by Maguerite Donlon

Palast der Republik, Berlin
Ruedi Hausermann. 'Richt Fest' slide design.

REDCAT Theatre in Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Opening Event design, with Bill Ballou

Fieldmuseum of Natural History, Chigago
Exhibition design 'Sounds from the Vaults'

BP Headquarters, Anchorage
co-design multimedia installation with
Ben Rubin en Robin and Batwin Design N.Y.

Mindfield Experiment, Chigago
MFX1 and MFX2 by Gordon Kummel
with Sam Auinger, Bruce Odland and Bill Ballou

U.C.L.A., Los Angeles
Director Janie Geiser: 'A Ghost Story'

Richard Teitelbaum
Multimedia opera 'Golem', Berlin, Amsterdam, Victoriaville, Seoul

St. Clements off Broadway Theatre
'Warp - a comic book show' by Stuart Gordon & Lenny Kleinfeld
Director Phillip Balloun

The Netherlands Dance Theatre
'Talk to me, Talk to me'. Choreography by Pieter de Ruiter

Toleda Dance Company, Berlin
'Le Vent' - 'Volonte de Fer' - 'Hevel Bavel' and others.
Choreography by Joseph Tmim

The Move Company, Berlin
'Slow Dance and Laughter' - 'End Kampf' - 'Hanging on'.
Choreography by Gisela Mueller

P.S.V. Football Stadium, Eindhoven (NL)
'Requiem' by Mozart and 'Symphony 1812' by Tschaikovsky with Joost de Beij

Collective: Unconscious, New York
'Charlie - Victor - Romeo' tour adaptation

Ongoing collaboration with Composer Sam Auinger (Berlin) and Bruce Odland (N.Y.) Pool' Berlin, 'Hive' Vienna,' Cloud Chamber' New York, 'Tonic' Hollywood L.A



Area 53, Vienna
Stadtgallerie, Vienna
Gretsch, New York
Die Kueche, Berlin
The Compound, L.A.
Christburger 4, Berlin
Gallerie Knoth+Krueger, Berlin