Ariádine Menezes / Ozan Coşkun

iGOA, is a digital agency who believes that creative and talented people are so precious to be sucked up by an agency office and a city. 

We are fed to our mouths a good amount of money to wake up the same day, go through the same road reading the same signs, to arrive at the same desk at the same office. When we are bored of the sameness and start to scramble, when the “i should leave” starts and we voice it, either we are fed more money or we jump to another new posh agency formed probably by another attempt of a multinational ad agency. 

Whereas... With all this talent, with all this skill-set, we deserve not be obligued to die in the society we are born. We need to be living in a place with no stress, no traffic, without the feeling of “what am I trying to do with my life?”, travelling the world living inside different cultures, get to work with an Australian, bond with an Indian and go to another place if we want a change.


IGOA has 2 offices: One is in the paradise of Goa and the other is in “now-so-hot” city of Istanbul. Generally we do much of the production in Goa (as everyone wants to stay there) and the project management in Istanbul, but people get to choose where they want to be. The Agency takes care of everything for the people; a house to live near the beach, scooter, planes to Istanbul and person's hometown. Apart from this we have cooks and helpers to serve the team and make them happy.

Our mindset is based in connecting people from the whole world to work together in a totally different environment, providing offices in exotic places, and encouraging employees to be as nomad as possible. By getting to know the country we are in and the country of the people joining iGOA, our aim is to spread to the world, have the chance to work with the best of talent worldwide to form the best team and become the first nomadic agency.

Ozan Coskun

My name is Ozan Coşkun. I'm from Istanbul. I'm the co-founder and executive producer of iGOA. I live 6 months in Istanbul and 6 months in Goa. By diploma, I am an Electronics Engineer, but somehow fell in love with interaction design and virtuality of internet having it my profession. Between 1998 and 2007, I have worked on every level for many companies doing websites and interactive applications. The thought of iGOA emerged somewhere between the thoughts of living an unfulfilling life personally; starting to get blind to where I live and the lack of talented, hardworking people and impossibility of attracting/maintaining them, making them happy without insanely paying. I'm a big fan of Krishnamurti, like Djing dub/reggae and love to play the Oud (Middle-eastern classical instrument) when I don't pursue this iGOA dream.


Our Goa office is maintained by our lovely Ariádine Menezes hailing from Brazil.... Here's how she describes herself: :)

I was born is Santos, Brazil, 24 years ago and back there, my professional life was a multitude of experiences: journalism at college, copywriting at an agency, production supervisor on a big silk screen company, fotographer assistant and post-production... I joined iGOA a year ago with the objective to transform Goa office into an even more pleasurable place to work (and this includes solve the problems and keep them away!), and I think my background fitted perfectly to that, once I always liked to live different experiences and work on different areas. Goa made me feel at home very easily, specially because here there's not to much difference from a saturday to a monday, even working. You enjoy the time and the environment naturally.”