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connect with creatives from around the world. 

introduce suppliers you would like to recommend
inspire by sharing cross-cultural observations
interact with new partners, clients and co-creators

if you are a professional creative and believe
that globalisation can have a human face
you have come to the right place.



what is unique about shapeshifters?

  • shapeshifters allows you to connect with like-minded professionals all over the world.
  • shapeshifters is independent and operated by creatives. it's free and it is 100% ad-free.
  • shapeshifters works on an "invitation-only" principle. all users are recommended by users.

how can you use shapeshifters right now?

explore what other users have posted so far. a good starting point is the tag cloud. if somebody has invited you - go ahead register. see the invitation mail for details.

(you haven't been invited yet but really believe you and shapeshifters are the perfect match?
find a like-minded soul to invite you.)

what exactly can you do with shapeshifters?

shapehifters is a simple but effective tool that makes globalisation work for you.
there are three basic functions:

  • introduce other people and resources you can
    recommend as suppliers for creatives. you co-create the world's first
    yellow pages where trust and quality matters. read introductions that have already been made.
  • inspire
    by sharing your personal observations about small things that could
    make a big difference in other cultures. or get inspired by existing inspirations.
  • interact
    with new partners, clients and co-creators. no matter what you are
    looking for there is always a creative out there who has an expert
    answer. just ask your question. see interactions others have requested.

please respect our code of honour.