The NuNomad: For the Nu Nomad in You

Work-at-Home—but Abroad!

abroad" has taken on a whole new meaning. NuNomad is a new resource for those
who wish to take their "at-home" jobs with them while they travel and live
abroad. We’ll share with you what we know about the process of going from work-at-home
to work-anywhere-you-damn-well-please. We can even help you if you do not have
a “work-at-home” vocation, or haven’t traveled anywhere before. Sound good?
Excellent, please read on.

It is the belief of the nu nomad that with all there is to see and do in this
wonderful world of ours, but constrained with the sky-rocketing costs it takes
to maintain living comfortably in highly developed continents (namely as North
America and Europe), there are now fewer and fewer reason to stay put at home
just because you have a well-paying vocation. With today's Internet capabilities
you now have a choice. You can continue to make money from your (generally
well-paying) home country, yet spend it in the country you wish to experience.
Should it be a country far less expensive to live than your's, then you have
learned to beat the rat-race. Not only is this form of remote working a sound
and creative business opportunity, it is an opportunity worth living.


We're Building a Network of Nu Nomads

We at NuNomad understand—perhaps better than anyone—how very
difficult it can be to leave the world you work and live in to journey
around-the-world. And it was only a few years ago that if you wanted to
remain traveling (without a fat bank account at home) you had to work
in something abroad that was less than rewarding and well paying. That
has all changed. It is our purpose to help make your dream life a
reality, without unnecessary aggravation, and hopefully within your
timeline. Inside Laptop Hobo are resources from how to develop an
income using the Internet, to what to pack in your travel bag. All you
need is (more or less) the desire to do so, some general skills, and
the time. And before you know it, you'll be "hard-away at work" in a
hammock that's over-looking the Andaman sea (or something like that.
You get the picture).


Our New Web Resource

NuNo is in the process of gathering content and we welcome any insights and
resources you might wish to share with us. So, please keep returning as we
evolve into the full-service web resource we hope you'll find indispensable.


Our Ethics

of all you should know that NuNomad is not a shopping portal or yet
another travel-related website for the purpose of luring buyers and
holiday makers to access merchandize. The "product" of NuNomad (and its
companion site, Laptop Hobo) is information—info that has been
carefully considered and made available to you. And when we recommend a
particular product or service, we do so because we like that product or
service. This does not mean, however, that we are not taking advantage
of "pay-click" commissions. We do, and we hope it will be a win-win
situation for all. As for privacy, please rest assure that we will
respect all information provided to us.


The NuNomad:


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