Ramesh Santhanam

For over 10 years I have lived in the US (in Seattle, San Jose and Chicago) and for a couple of years in Switzerland. I am married to a physician and have two sons. I enjoy trekking, running, photography and travel.

I am used to extensive business travel – have spent over 50% of the last 15 years in travelling - within the US, to Europe and to Far-East for business generation and base building; and back-and-forth to India to control and manage project deliveries out of our development facility.

Social Consciousness:

I founded Paadhai (a Tamil word which was the root for the English word ‘Path’) http://www.paadhai.org/, a Social Welfare Organization, and I am actively involved in project implementation in rural India. Paadhai has members around the world. It focuses on supplementary education centres for children, Community Based Rehabilitation and micro credit programs for women, in DALIT (Means Under Privileged) villages.

Career / Accomplishments:

I am an Industrial Engineer, with a post-graduate degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I have been an entrepreneur from day one – with a background in systems and management, I started as an entrepreneur almost right after schooling.

I have built software organizations of International repute. My experience covers – fourteen years in Project Management, ten years in Corporate Management and ten years in International Marketing.

One of the founders and the driving force behind the Ramsoft group of companies, I have a strong background in completely handling the business - from acquiring accounts to delivery of technology solutions and services. Recognizing the potential of providing offshore software development services to the global market, I set up Ramsoft’s global marketing entities in 1992. I have, since then, amply demonstrated my skills as an entrepreneur – built a high-technology team; created an international clientele, set-up bases in USA, Switzerland and Germany; built a state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore; and introduced new product/service offerings.

I conceived a mobile technology that could be applied in a number of vertical domains. Built a generic framework called REACH to extend applications to day-to-day devices like mobile phones, PDAs, Instant Messengers, set-top boxes and gaming consoles. REACH is actively working on projects in areas like advertising, polling, location based services, mobile banking/cash, bill payment and shopping. In earlier years of my career, I specialized on generic application development, algorithms and memory management of applications.

I have a few software products to my credit. This includes an authoring tool (eClassware – I have a patent on it), a disk-based spreadsheet (CHIPCALC) and a presentation tool (COLLAGE). I had a stint with Microsoft and had worked on the initial versions of Excel.

My strength is in handling ‘business generation to solutions delivery’. I have the ability to create and market concepts, build technical teams and manage various resources to deliver technology products, application solutions and services. I am good at handling management and marketing of technology companies/divisions, requiring a wide variety of skills. I have quite resourceful in new product, service or team building initiatives.

I specialize in IT services and team building. Interested in any project or venture that can leverage my offshore outsourcing or center creation skills. You might like to check out these URLs before getting in touch with me ...


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